A SOUL in shadow

David spent a lot of time in the wilderness learning to trust and worship God. Many times he was fleeing those who wanted to take his life. He was a man who had the wealth of Israel at his fingertips but often had to escape with just the clothes on his back.

He was a man who knew what his soul needed. His Soul (his deepest self) needed God like water in the desert. He found satisfaction and fullness as a king at the banquet table, delighting in His loving kindness, power and His glory.

He had experienced the Lord's help and protection since boyhood. He was able from the depths of his soul to sing joyful praises about the Savior he knew so well. He had confidence in God's safekeeping over his life.

As I was looking over this Psalm I was surprised by a phrase I had never noticed before. David says " For You have been my help, And in the SHADOW of Your wings I sing with joy." He didn't use covered by, under, protected by Your wings. He used SHADOW and that got me curious!

Who feels safe in the shadows? Maybe someone who is being hunted and is hiding. The Hebrew understanding of wings has two meanings- Protection and also Divine knowledge. The word shadow means a dark place, shade. I think David was helping us know that God's Word was his protection and that even dwelling in the dark SHADOW of His wings kept his soul safe!

There are days where I feel attacked and afraid as the Enemy roars through my life. I know my soul finds protection in His word and I can sing with joy in the SHADOW of His wings!

BIO: I spent my childhood in Southern California enjoying the sunshine , beaches and Valley Girl life. Becoming a believer in Christ over 40 years ago has been my most important influence. I have been married to my high school boyfriend for 43 years. We had the 30 year privilege of traveling the world with the Us Air Force and then making our final home in Edmond, Ok. Our five children live nearby so spending time with our 14 grandchildren is the highlight of my week! I have been a journal keeper and crafter all my adulthood but now I have time for a more formal artistic life . I am a Native American artist with the Chickasaw nation.

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