Selfies are a given. If you have a mobile device chances are good you take a selfie or two.

Yet long before selfies came along- artists did self portraits.

Self portraits aren't about vanity but self-expression. They are a visual way of showing something of yourself others. They express a mood, a time or place the artist is in and are helpful in developing skills because you can always work on your face without anyone complaining they didn't like how their portrait turned out.

For the artist a self portrait isn't about making themselves look beautiful but about self-revelation.

To others it may even seem ugly or doesn't look how they think that person looks to them. Thats not the point. Its just a visual diary in the life of an artist.

I love self-portraits because sometimes I just need to express how Im feeling and I can do so without saying too much.

I love color

Feeling dark

I am Chickasaw

I need some feathers

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